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Why you need WeldTrack 6.1®

What are the benefits to using WeldTrack® 6.1  -- cost savings, reduced downtime, boosted productivity, etc?

  By using WeldTrack® you will realize the following benefits:

  • Faster weld data entry,

  • Knowing your NDE inspection percentage levels at all times,

  • Reduction of NDE inspection cost over-runs,

  • Complete tracking of welders and the repair rates and percentage in real-time,

  • Weld production provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with printouts to help understand the fabrication production,

  • Production by welder and average welding production by day, week, project etc.

Knowing the production in a fabrication shop or in the field will assist the management to understand the company production costs, assist in future contract bids, plan the use of manpower and help schedule a project completion.

  What is so special about it?

WeldTrack® 6.1 includes over 190 reports and just about every aspect of the welding, NDE inspection and welding productivity are covered.  WeldTrack® 6.1 has more detail and easier to use than any other program on the market... at any price.  Period. The WeldTrack® 6.1 is a very powerful QA/QC welding software program designed for the industry by the people that work in the welding industry.

  How does it differ from existing products?

The main difference between us and the so-called 'competition' is easy to explain and see.  WeldTrack® 6.1 is all in one easy to use program.  WeldTrack® is bigger and more powerful in the details yet the end user QA/QC person can relate to the program because they are doing this work on a day to day bases, only now, it is faster and easier to print reports and have the information at your finger tips at all times.

  Is there a particular niche market it's made for?

The market for WeldTrack® 6.1 is anywhere in the welding industry that requires detailed welding documentation to confirm that a product has been welded by a qualified welder, to a qualified weld procedure and that the required NDE inspection has been completed as required by the contract specifications, and wherever this documentation has to be placed in a turnover package upon completion to the client for acceptance.

The main users of WeldTrack® 6.1 will be Petro-chemical Plants, Refineries, Industrial and Process Piping Projects, Process Piping Plant Expansions, Pipeline Projects, Piping Shutdowns, Piping Fabrication and Vessel Fabrication.


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