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Weld Data Systems has the answer for welding quality control and production data in WeldTrack® 6.1.

WeldTrack® 6.1 offers you the opportunity to discover one of the most important welding software QC/QA, welding productivity tools on today’s market.

WeldTrack® 6.1 tracks all welds by drawing, weld, material specification, weld type, weld procedure, weld process, welder and by weld diameter size and/or weld length.  This will give you total weld traceability and welding quality control for your project.

All NDE is tracked by material specification and percentage by weld type.  No more expensive NDE cost over-runs.  WeldTrack® 6.1 tracks NDE percentage to point 1 percent (0.1%).

WeldTrack® 6.1 tracks and record all weld repairs by welder, by linear inches of repair, by percentage of work.  Repairs are tracked by weld, by welder and by number of welds by welder that are repaired.

Welder productivity is tracked by Welder and by project on a daily, weekly and monthly report. This will assist you in recognizing welding production cost issues, evaluate manpower and track welding production costs.

WeldTrack® 6.1 produces a complete welding turnover binder with all of the project welding QC/QA data for the project files in hours not days or weeks.  All of the daily welding details for your project are at your finger tips at all times.

Richard Lambert

President, Weld Data Systems Inc.


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